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Credits & Appreciations

To Santiago Rodriguez, a celebrity photographer based in Los Angeles, for permission to use photographs he has taken of Tisha and her family throughout four decades. You can e-mail him directly at for further information. (Depending on your eMail software, such as Yahoo or GMail, your interface may read something like If that happens, just delete mailto: and to use Santiago's eMail address.)

Tisha's marvelous interview with Tom Lisanti appears in his book Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema, which includes several photos of Tisha as well as a comprehensive filmography, on which I've relied very heavily with occasional supplementing from the Internet Movie Data Base.

For a superb biography of Ann Sothern, including substantial material on Tisha, get hold of Margie Schultz's pricey (but well worth it) Ann Sothern: A Bio-Bibliography.

BatFans everywhere will be interested in the work of Rob Long, who's created phenomenal graphics work on Batman themes, which he sells at a very reasonable price. Take that picture of "Tisha-as-Legs inside of the Sun," the logo of Tisha's Theatre. The actual silhouette cut-out of Tisha was created by Rob from a still-frame from the "Ma Parker" episode of Batman. All I had to do was design a graphic of the Sun and put the silhouette inside of it.

The really weird, blood-red font face used in the Flash movie of Night Gallery: Return of the Sorcerer is called "Shlop" and it (along with a lot of others) is available for free from a fellow named Ray Larabie.

Some of the graphic animations, principally those on "The Young Comedienne" and the "Contact" pages, have been purchased by subscription to The Animation Factory.

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Other credits and links are included on individual pages in this site. If I've forgotten anyone, drop me a line!

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The fanciest design in the world isn't going to create a website of any interest if the subject itself is dull. So the biggest credit of all goes to Tisha Sterling herself, for her talent as an actress and charm as a person that should make any website interesting! But she's in no way responsible for anything on here, so if there's anything you don't like blame The Man Behind the Curtain . . . but be grateful to Tisha for whatever it is that you've enjoyed.

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