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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (Oct 12, 1964)
"Change of Address"

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It was Tisha's big break. The second show of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour's final season, "Change of Address," in which Tisha co-stars with Arthur Kennedy ("Keith Hollins," who plans to purchase a beach house) and Phyllis Thaxter (playing his wife, "Elsa").

Elsa, not wanting the house, contacts the ex-owner's wife to try to queer the sale. But soon after, Keith, having taken up with a local "beach bunny" (played by Tisha), murders Elsa and buries the corpse in the beach house's cellar.

When, some time later, three policemen arrive with shovels, Keith, amazed at having been found out, asks them how they knew. The policemen, equally puzzled, explain to Keith that Elsa had discovered that the ex-owner's wife was missing and tipped off the police, who quickly extracted a confession from him and learned that he had buried the corpse in the cellar . . . just like Keith!

Synopsis derived from Alfred Hitchcock Presents by John McCarty and Brian Kelleher (St. Martin's Press 1985).

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