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The Donna Reed Show (Sep 16, 1965)
"Pop Goes Theresa"

In her first appearance with future Journey to Shiloh co-star Paul Petersen, Tisha guest-starred on The Donna Reed Show's eighth-season opening episode "Pop Goes Theresa," playing the perky but repressed Theresa, daughter of overly protective Brad Marshall (played by Warren Stevens).

Asked in an emergency to baby-sit for her neighbors, Dr. Alex Stone (Carl Betz) and his wife Donna (Donna Reed), this private-school-girl-who's-never-been-kissed finds herself invited out on a first date (unbeknownst to her father) by the Stone's son Jeff (Paul Petersen), whom she promptly leads down the road to juvenile delinquency (mid-60s style) by instigating a raucous table-top dance in the local pizzeria!

Mr. Marshall, knowing that his sweet little innocent (notwithstanding her full assumption of guilt) could never have been responsible for such an horrendous crime, threatens Jeff Stone with the full rigor of the law as he and Mrs. Stone arrive to fetch their young 'uns from the local police station. But all's saved when Mother-Knows-Best finally recognizes Brad Marshall as the college senior who'd led the raid on her sorority's pajama party and convinces him that he shouldn't judge all young folks by his own youthful indiscretions.

Theresa Marshall doesn't in any way compare with such characters as Legs Parker, Teesha Heinschmidt, Linny Raven, Grace Mayo, or the so many others that Tisha would create in just a few years. But this early appearance has several particularly charming scenes . . . especially the one in which Tisha, by now nearly twenty-one years old, successfully plays a high school girl going into a playful frenzy as she leads Paul Petersen on a chase through the local park on that first date.

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