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Norwood (1970)

Reuniting Glen Campbell with Kim Darby for the first time since True Grit and introducing Joe Namath to a film audience, Norwood may have received a better drive-in reception than it did from many critics as well as more sophisticated urban audiences.

But Norwood was a casting director's dream, including in addition to "Goodtime Glen" and "Broadway Joe" such well known faces as Pat Hingle, Dom DeLuise, Leigh French, Meredith MacRae, and Jack Haley Sr (taking direction from his son, Jack Haley Jr) .  . . and specially delightful performances by Merie Earle as "Grandma Whichcoat" and by Carol Lynley with her feisty ripostes to Glen's "good ole boy."

It's "Goodtime Glen" and "Super Joe"... doin' what they do best!

Norwood was also Tisha's opportunity to do what she does best – perform with her face like Maria Callas performs with her voice! Playing the Greenwich Village beatnik "Marie" with a combination of poignancy and comic whimsy, her facial contortions as Glen plays "Repo Man" in a Village coffee shop foreshadow her facial performances in her TV roles as Fern the Sorceress in Night Gallery and Jackie Coogan's mistress in the "Candidate for Crime" episode of Columbo.

Norwood wasn't a feminist movie even by the standards of 1970, but Tisha pulls off her performance as "Marie" (who doesn't believe in last names!) without playing like a sap to the "good ole boy."

Note: Merie Earle (née Goldie Ireland), who would also co-star with Tisha in Crazy Mama (1975), was born in 1889 in Morrow, Warren County, Ohio. She began acting at the age of 76, after the death of her husband, Laurence, with her first credited appearance in a 1967 episode of Petticoat Junction. She continued acting until shortly before her death in 1984 at the age of 95.

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