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Powderkeg (1971)

In speaking of her film appearance in Journey to Shiloh, Tisha told Tom Lisanti that she particularly enjoyed making Westerns, "the costumes, the horses, and even the dirt" . . . and for an actress as associated as she is with 60s "rebel" roles, she has in fact appeared in quite a few Western shows, including TV-episodes of Bonanza and The Men from Shiloh (successor to The Virginian).

While Tisha played air-headed Airybelle in Journey to Shiloh, her Powderkeg character, Beth Parkinson, though a "damsel in distress" as a passenger on a hi-jacked train, is of quite a spunky sort, defending the life of a fellow hostage and finally clambering over the train's car-tops to aid the soldier-of-fortune rescuers.

This pilot for the short-lived TV-series Bearcats was a Western but with the bit of a twist of being set in the turn-of-the-century presidency of Teddy Roosevelt, with co-stars Rod Taylor and Dennis Cole traveling in a Stutz Bearcat sports car and hiring out to wealthy clients and the government for "impossible" jobs at the price of a blank check . . . their reasoning being that anyone who had to ask their price couldn't afford it in the first place!

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