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Snatched (1973)

Though not one of Tisha's most notable films, Snatched has quite a creditable cast, with Tisha joined by Howard Duff (playing the older husband who doesn't want to waste paying ransom money for this faithless and frivolous wife), Leslie Nielson and Sheree North as a second husband-wife pair, and Barbara Parkins and John Saxon as the third, with Robert Reed as the cop who's tracking down these three beauties who've been kidnapped by Anthony Zerbe and his buddies.

Since Snatched is a mystery thriller with a surprise twist, it's not a good idea to discuss the plot for risk of creating a "spoiler." If you've seen it, you know the ending; and if you haven't, the video occasionally turns up on E-Bay.

It's a movie that's based more on plot rather than any serious character development, but Tisha's the one performer who has the opportunity to show some real character development, as her spoiled socialite develops into quite a sympathetic character by film's end, caring for Sheree North (who's dying as a diabetic hostage without her insulin). There's some sense that Tisha, once she realizes that her marriage to Howard Duff is over, is going to be the one character who'll get on with some kind of a life.

Note: Tisha would be rejoined by Howard Duff and Anthony Zerbe in A Woman Accused, where she turned in one of the finest performances of her career as "Grace Mayo," the flower child on the psych ward.
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