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Films & TV

Oct 13 The Ann Sothern Show, "Loving Arms"
. . .
Oct 12 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, "Change of Address"
Village of the Giants 1965
Jan 5 Dr. Kildare, "Lullaby for an Indian Summer"
Apr 13 Mr. Novak, "Firebrand"
Sep 16 The Donna Reed Show, "Pop Goes Theresa"

Sep 23
& 30
The Long Hot Summer
"A Stranger to the House"
"Of Damon, Pythias and Sleeping Dogs"
July 25 Frank Merriwell (pilot)

5 & 6
"The Greatest Mother of Them All"
"Ma Parker"
Dec 2 T.H.E. Cat, "Curtains for Miss Winslow"
Feb 4 Get Smart, "The Girls from KAOS"
Mar 13 The Road West, "Eleven Miles to Eden"
Dec 20 Run for Your Life, "It Could Only Happen in Rome"
The Name of the Game Is Kill

Journey to Shiloh

Coogan's Bluff
Mar 10 Bonanza, "Star Crossed"
Mar 19 It Takes a Thief, "Birds of a Feather"
Big Daddy (aka Paradise Road) 1969
Jan 31 The Name of the Game, "Love-In at Ground Zero"
Feb 21 The Name of the Game, "The Bobby Currier Story"
Feb 25 CBS Playhouse, "The Experiment"
Oct 5 The Bold Ones: The Doctors,
"What's the Price of a Pair of Eyes?"

Night Slaves
Insight, "Exit"
Sep 20 The Bold Ones: The Doctors, "This Will Really Kill You"
Dec 10 The Immortal, "Paradise Bay"

A Death of Innocence
Jan 31 The Bold Ones: The Lawyers, "The Hyland Confession"
Feb 17 The Men From Shiloh, "Flight from Memory"
The Defiant (aka The Wild Pack) 1972
Feb 2 Insight, "A Man Called Don"
Mar 8 Medical Center, "The Confession"
Sep 24 Night Gallery, "The Return of the Sorcerer"
Dec 7 Ironside, "Who'll Cry for My Baby?"
Snatched 1973
Feb 13 Hawaii Five-0, "Little Girl Blue"
Nov 4 Columbo, "Candidate for Crime"
Betrayal 1974
July 23 "Death is a Bad Trip" (ABC Wide World of Mystery)
Crazy Mama 1975
May 5 Caribe, "The Assassin"
Kiss Me . . . Kill Me

The Killer Inside Me
Nov 5 Serpico, "Strike!"
Dec 7 Police Woman, "Bait"
A Woman Accused 1977
Jan 30 McMillan, "Coffee, Tea or Cyanide?"
Mar 14 The Feather and Father Gang, "Sun, Sand and Death"
The Space-Watch Murders 1978
Dec 31 Charlie's Angels, "Caged Angel"
. . .
The Coming (aka Burned at the Stake) 1981
Feb 14 Charlie's Angels, "Angels on the Line"
. . .
The Whales of August 1987
. . .
Dark Horse 1992
. . .
Breakfast of Champions 1999

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