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Tisha's Childhood

Tisha at about 18 months, with her mother Ann Sothern

After her parents’ divorce when she was four years old, Tisha lived mainly with her mother in California. In 1951 her father married his Topper co-star Anne Jeffreys.

Columnists linked Ann Sothern with various eligible bachelors such as Clark Gable and Ronnie Reagan, but she was closest to Richard Egan (King Leonidas of Three Hundred Spartans), whom she refused to marry because of her two divorces and his Catholicism.

When Ann herself became a Catholic in 1952, Egan was Tisha’s godfather.

Ann Sothern and Ronnie Reagan? Ahhh, to dream of the Secret Service's nightmare . . . .

 . . . . Tisha Sterling as First Step-Daughter, with Jane Fonda lunching in the White House Mess!

Interestingly, Nancy Davis had a supporting role in one of Ann's finest movies, the film-noir Shadow on the Wall. Ann, a life-long Democrat, once joked that despite this she was never invited to the White House.

"Have You Seen the Whales?" from the LP soundtrack of 1987's The Whales of August, Ann Sothern's only Oscar-nominated performance as Tisha (Letitia) Doughty. Tisha Sterling played her mother's youthful character in an opening-scene cameo flashback, in which she was joined by Mary Steenburgen and Margaret Ladd.

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