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Tisha's Early Career

(1 Beginning her career as a fashion model, Tisha debuted on the cover of Seventeen magazine with Troy Donahue in June 1962, then soloed for the May 1963 issue. (2 By age 19, she was competing for the part of Liesl von Trapp in The Sound of Music (seen here with Danny Lochin, in a screen test for the roles eventually played by Charmian Carr and Dan Truhitte).

(3 Just two months short of her twentieth birthday, Tisha got her break, being cast as "The Girl on the Beach" in the "Change of Address" episode (Oct 12, '64) of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, co-starring with Arthur Kennedy and Phyllis Thaxter.

(4 The next year she would guest star on the season opening "Pop Goes Theresa" episode (Sep 16, '65) of The Donna Reed Show, playing the perky Theresa, and (5 make her film debut in Burt Gordon's bra-busting T&A drive-in hit Village of the Giants, based (very loosely) on a story by H.G. Wells . . . by far (so it's been said) 1965's best film co-starring two six-foot-tall ducks!

"Have You Seen the Whales?" is the background theme to the opening-scene flashback in "The Whales of August," in which Tisha Sterling played her mother (Ann Sothern's) character as the youthful Tisha Doughty. The vivacious Tisha is seen running to the house of her friends, the sisters Sarah and Libby, to hurry them to the seacoast before the whales disappear.

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